CeMAP® Training in London


Our flagship course
CeMAP® training at The University of Westminster
309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW



Weekend training for CeMAP® 1/2/3 on the first 2 Saturdays and first 2 Sundays of every month.

We will introduce you to the CeMAP® qualification offered by the London Institute of Banking & Finance.

Decide to be happy™ choose New Leaf

  • The only company to guarantee to train you until you pass
  • We order all your books and remove any stress from the process

We offer CeMAP® training every month of the year.

The total cost for training of CeMAP® 1/2/3 with New Leaf Distribution is £1476.00 inclusive of VAT.

This cost made up of

  • New Leaf Distribution for training CeMAP® 1/2/3 is £960.00 including VAT - this can be paid for separately at £480.00 for CeMAP® 1 and £480.00 for CeMAP® 2/3
  • LIBF registration fees, including materials and exams, of £172.00 per module totalling a further £516.00 (this will increase to £175.00 per module from 1st July 2017)

For example - 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays in month 1 to cover CeMAP® Module 1 and 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays in month 2 to cover CeMAP® 2/3 or any combination you require to fit in with you schedule.

Therefore you should be able to complete your training over two months.

This is the best way to learn

  • In smaller bite size units
  • Train for CeMAP® in our prestigious training centre
  • Housed at the world renowned - University of Westminster
  • Our record speaks for itself
  • We have never had any one fail any CeMAP exam at the second attempt



New Leaf Distribution are an Approved ELC Provider, our Provider Number is 2322. Full details of your scheme are available at

Once qualified through attendance at our London course we will guarantee you a post as a self employed mortgage broker within our national IFA

"Remember we train you until you pass"




We approached New Leaf to assist our team of advisors gain relevant qualifications as we moved into MCD regulation. Their expertise, coupled with a fluent approach to training ensured that our objectives was delivered in time and with no issues. Our team were delighted that the training involved more than just classroom lectures - interactive webinars, mock exams, ask the expert sessions and much more. I could not praise Daniel higher for the level of expertise he has shown to our team.

Paul McGonigle
Positive Lending (UK) Limited

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