Diploma in Financial Advice (DipFA®)


New Leaf members all have free access to the training programme to obtain DipFA.

Obtaining this qualification along with undertaking the appropriate CPD will make you RDR compliant and assure you of a future in the financial services sector.

After many changes to the structure of this training programme we have a complete and well researched and delivered training programme.

There are now 2 sections to the DipFA® qualification:

The first part to complete is:

FSRE - Financial Services Regulation and Ethics

The London Institute of Banking & Finance will send you out a large manual - the syllabus is extremely comprehensive.

It covers all subjects from regulation through to legal principles through to products and services. There is a large section attributed to risk. The new section added most recently is ethics and this alone is attributed 20% of the total marks.

FSRE can be de-linked from the full DipFA qualification and as such can be studied and taken at anytime during your 9 month registration.

We recommend that you pre-read the book then attend our 5 day course. This course is only available to our members.

This course is superb for experienced and brand new to the industry advisors. We will lecture you on the entire syllabus. This training will remind you of all the key principles relating to our business and also help you remember and understand the fundamentals of pensions, investments, long term care, taxation, business issues/tax, personal taxation etc. Therefore speed read the book before you come. Take notes on our course and sit your FSRE exam in a Pearsons-Vue test centre close to home. We suggest that you take no longer than 3 months over this entire process.

The second part to complete is called:

AFA - Advanced Financial Advice

This consists of course work and an examination.

The course work

By month 6 you will be expected to produce a concise and professional piece of course work which is normally in the form of a report. You will need to write no more than 4000 words. The subjects vary from month to month. In fact your course work scenario will be issued to you at the start of your AFA session. In essence you have 3 months to prepare for it. Our 3 day intensive course will focus on the key areas of the course work and enable you prepare your coursework and understand the key academic and practical implications. Whilst no ethical training company can tell you what to write in order to pass - we will teach and coach you through the process in line with The London Institute of Banking & Finance code of ethics for trainers.

New Leaf have a 99% success rate with all students who have gone through their coursework with us.

The Examination

By month 9 you will be expected to be in a position to sit a 3 hour examination. This can be written or you can now choose a computer if you feel more comfortable with this.

The examination is based upon a pre-issued fact find. You are expected to write an appropriate suitability letter or reasons for recommendation letter in line with your particular and unique fact find. The fact find is unique to your month of entry and as such is unique to that entry group.

The fact find is issued to you 6 weeks prior to your final examination date. We will again prepare you for this exam by way of a further 3 day intensive course. You will be ready for the exam as we will explore and train you on all key areas that are evidently central to the fact find. Whilst you can go along way to preparing your final exam report you will need to be mindful that some subtle changes will be made in the final exam and the fact find information will vary enough for the advise/recommendation to change in a small way. We will even prepare for this eventuality.

Again we have trained many 100's of students and still have achieved a 99% pass rate.


The bottom line is - we will help you understand the material to enable you to pass. The course and attendance with New Leaf demands 5 classroom days for FSRE. 3 classroom days for coursework prep. 3 classroom days for exam prep. This is 11 days over 9 months to obtain a level 4 qualification that will change your life and help you to follow the career of your dreams or if you are in the industry or have been for several years will enable you to stay in the industry.

Give my team a call or e-mail and we will discuss the process and get you registered.

Words from Mark Hobbs - Group CEO (Principal)

I can speak from strength - I went through our training and passed the full DipFA in the first year of the programme. I am not an IFA I am the principal of New Leaf. If I can do it any one can do it! John Band my Head of Training is an inspirational trainer and without his support I would have seriously struggled. His knowledge and confidence helped me through. I believe this is the case for many who have gone before me.


The New Leaf training fee for DipFA is £FREE + VAT to all our New Leaf members. London Institute of Banking & Finance fees £795.00.

Speak to me, Mark Hobbs, to discuss the programme and how you can gain access to it via trading membership.



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