Zealous for good works


We are a business first and foremost that must be profitable.

Profitable to pay for great staff and retain them.

Profitable to provide the best opportunity possible for its members.

But above all profitable to enable us to do good work in our communities

If you know of a cause that needs our zeal to help please leave the details below.

The more information the better.

We meet every quarter to discuss and decide and then distribute 10% of our profits.

Every Blessing

Nominate a good cause

Use the message box to let us know why your good cause should be selected.




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The only network that allows
you to decide to be happy

The 12 part goal matrix (12PGM™)

is formed upon the basic success theories of goal setting, handed down through the ages.

Newleaf SPS - our CPD Programme

This course is recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as meeting the standards for on-going CPD required by retail investment advisers.

The National Skills Academy

Our training is accredited by The National Skills Academy.