Award in Pension Transfers (PETR)


Meet the FCA regulations for providing advice on Pension Transfers.

With the DipFA qualification the AwPETR meets the qualification requirement to become a pension transfer specialist.

Award in Pension Transfers (AwPETR)/Pension Transfers Unit - (150 learning hours)


AwPETR £487.00 with the LIBF - inclusive of all materials and examination entry.

AwPETR training is only available to New Leaf Members.

New Leaf Training

Therefore we work with you on this unit which is assessed by way of coursework (about half way through and by an examination at the end) the unit should take around 3 to 4 months.

We believe in team work and as such we will be encouraging groups to come together and work as a team.

Our Head of Training, John Band has personally trained over 1000 delegates through DipFA®. He will now lead this course and assist you until you pass. This will consist of 2 days classroom training to get you through the coursework, with an additional 2 days classroom training to prepare you for the examination.



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