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From Mortgage Adviser to IFA - a Journey

With the continued rise in robo advice services around the mortgage market there is a threat to the long term longevity of the mortgage advice market.

As such we feel its imperative for all advisors to skill up and explore other areas of the advice process.

The areas of the business we believe will be sustainable and will in fact grow are investments/savings and pensions markets.

New Leaf has the necessary expertise to graduate mortgage advisors to full IFA status.

This includes obtaining the DipFA qualification and then gaining competent advisor status as an IFA.

Please read the testimonials below and call Mark Hobbs our CEO (Founder) for more information

Mark Hobbs
Please read the testimonials below and contact Mark Hobbs our CEO (Founder) for more information

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Most of my working life before joining the New Leaf family was in a big corporate and I remember the day I met Mark for the first time to explore becoming a self employed adviser. From the get go I was struck by how friendly and down to earth everyone was, the strength of the proposition and the levels of support on offer which was a real breath of fresh air. They really do live their principles and I made my mind up pretty much straight away. They helped me bring my qualifications up to date so that I could start advising clients on mortgages, protection and equity release. As important was the confidence and support Iíve been given throughout my journey, infectious positivity, motivation and guidance. For anyone looking to find an new home or start a new chapter as an adviser there is no better place to start.

Dominic Brierley

What a great network, family run and family fun. Not treated like a number but treated like a member of the family. Would not go anywhere else with my business, they are an integral part. Great support and assistance as well as great training. Thank you for being part of my journey, more to come.

Dave Ellis

Having completed my CeMAP training with New Leaf I joined a local mortgage broker and self studied the CII Diploma. The broker I was with did not have the required permissions so when it came time to pursue my career as an IFA, New Leaf was the obvious choice and now that I have completed my first few IFA cases I feel confident I've made the right choice.

Tim Day

I joined New Leaf in 2006 as a newly qualified Mortgage Adviser. I did not plan to become an IFA at that stage - I knew very little about the industry! Today I work as an Independent Financial Adviser and I love my job. Qualifying as an IFA opened many new doors for me, brought different type of clients and created new streams of income in my business.
It is my strong belief that the Financial Services Industry is changing and there will be more changes ahead. To be successful in the Industry now and in the future, we should be able to provide our clients with comprehensive advice which covers all areas of their financial planning - and being an IFA gives us that opportunity.

Lina Bourdon

My first career started when I worked at a Fund Manager in the City after leaving college, so after creating a successful Mortgage Brokerage in 2012, a move to Independent Financial Adviser was a natural progression for me. I love how I am now doing the "whole job" for clients and they are loving that too. It also enhances the mortgage proposition, being able to give Tax planning advice to property owners. The support from New Leaf has been fantastic, it's a very different process than mortgage and protection advising, so having the right coaching is vital, and I've had that directly from Mark Hobbs.

Melinda Bush

I qualified and started work as an IFA 6 years before I joined new leaf and really just played with IFA work staying stuck in mortgage work. New leaf have provided the support and training to help me build a growing book of pension and investment clients. These clients are more rewarding to work with than transactional clients because of the relationships you build with clients you work with at least annually.

Mark Scott

I joined New Leaf after self-studying the CeMap exams at home. I was newly qualified with zero experience of the industry, looking for a way to get going; If you're not already lined up with an opportunity, you'll already know it's tough to get a foot in the door - networks don't want you until you've achieved the mystical 'CAS' and proven you can write business. But how can you write business if nobody will give you a shot?

New leaf gave me a shot. They gave me the systems, the support and the tools I needed to turn inexperience into a flourishing business. Now, I couldn't imagine being with another network. I've made lifelong friends, grown personally beyond what I thought I was ever capable of and I've never been so positive. If you're looking for a nurturing, ethical network where you can thrive. Come and join us!

Nic Jones

I have nothing but complimentary things to say about this company.

I self-funded my IFA training through New Leaf, and found the training to be of the highest possible standard-I had a Legal Services background but decided it was time for an entire career change.

Never once was I made to think it was impossible, or was I made to feel inferior because of my lack of experience in the sector; all I received was support and a positive welcome into what I regard now as an integral part of my growing business-infact, I can absolutely without doubt say, that I could not have got this far without them on a business level.

On a personal level, I have found that I have also found support. I have made friends through the Network that I will have for life. If you want to enhance your business, and receive wonderful support whilst doing it, I would thoroughly recommend New Leaf as a way of changing your life for the better.

Fiona Morpurgo

I remember the day I walked into the office for the first time to discuss potentially joining it was a huge step because it meant leaving my employed role to go self-employed, I had convinced myself I needed the salary. I was greeted by Sarah who just has the most amazing ability to make you feel loved. I met the whole team that day and although it's very cliche to say you do become part of the family. I have been here nearly 4 years I'm one written exam away from being a charted Financial Adviser something I would never have considered doing if it wasn't for the support and internal courses New Leaf delivers. Mark, John and Alex have been the backbone to my success and year on year I've learnt new skills, grown professionally, developed my knowledge but more importantly, I joined New Leaf as a person who had never really unlocked her potential, always that nagging feeling I was capable of more. I have achieved more in the last 4 years than in my whole working career I know I'm on course to achieve outstanding things. If you want to unlock your potential New Leaf is the only place to be.

Samantha Challis

I have 22 years Financial Services experience and the last 6 years within the New Leaf family. Having worked as a Tied adviser, Directly Authorised and under another Network I can honestly say the most success I have had has been here at New Leaf Distribution. The question you may ask is why? The answer is easy - New Leaf are a family with a support system that is geared around working as a successful team - Network and Adviser together. I often enjoy attending IFA training days where I can bounce off other advisers while being able to speak personally to the MD, Compliance Team and support staff. Communication is easy and this has allowed me to quadruple my earnings in the last 6 years. Mark and the team have a positive attitude and actually care for every one of us. New Leaf support charities and have fun every morning with the Wake up to Sales online meeting. Personal development is available and the ethos for success runs through the Company and the advisers who benefit f rom this. 5 star rating from me and I can't wait for the next 10 years.

Craig Jardine
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